Wednesday, December 14, 2011


For these I am thankful (#17)...

We really do enjoy having people stay with us whether it is missionaries from Paraguay coming for a weekend or interns or families from North America coming for a month or more.  It is encouraging to have people take an interest in what we are doing. So if you have any inkling....COME VISIT never know what kind of adventures you will have in our neck of the woods!

The first weekend in November, our team mates came for a visit.  The kids had a blast setting off firecrackers together. 

Danielle (a short termer) holding a chicken for the first time!

The 2nd weekend in November, the Salinas’ (missionary family from Paraguay) came to visit us.  They pruned my trees, worked in my garden, and brought us Dr Pepper.  It was pouring down rain on Sunday when they left.  It took them FIVE hours to drive what takes us 45 minutes to drive on a good day! They got stuck SEVEN times – once they were close enough for Jeff to help them out, once they were pulled by a passing tractor and the other times Gayna and her 13 year old son pushed them out! 

Ginny and their daughter working on Christmas crafts. 

The 3rd weekend in November, we picked up a medical intern from Canada who will be with us for a month.  She will be shadowing Jeff in the mornings, having classes, doing house calls or visiting with us in the afternoon, and learning how to clip chicken wings in her spare time (photo below).

It doesn’t get more Paraguayan than this – attending a patient in a hammock while drinking terere

The 4th weekend in November a team mate came out to visit us.  She has been serving in Paraguay for many years, but had never visited us.  We all had a great time.

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Christie said...

You're really driving me crazy! I WANT TO VISIT THE McKISSICKS!!! ME, ME, ME! I reckon it'd be best to wait until a. We have a 4x4 again, or b. I can walk in case we bog down and hoof it the rest of the way. I'm betting your road's not VW-friendly, huh? :) Hope to get out there soon.