Monday, December 26, 2011


For these I am thankful (#30)
The Christmas season  

It is hot here.

Very hot.

Where we live there are no crowded shopping malls, lighted houses, or stockings hung or decorated Christmas trees.

No one is checking off a gift list and running to the mall for last minute items.

Christmas carols are not heard over PA systems.

It’s a Wonderful Life isn’t showing down here.

Newspapers, magazines and catalogs aren’t bursting with “must have” ads.

Does it feel like Christmas?

Yes and no.

To us adults, we have spent 3/4th of our life knowing only a North American hustle and bustle Christmas season.  It is hard to switch gears.

But to our kids, this is what they are familiar with.  When it starts getting really hot and the watermelons start showing, the kids get in the Christmas spirit.

And with all those distractions of lights and parties and new dresses and bigger and better in North America, our children are very content with a low-key season and I am so thankful.

In our house, we do put up a tree (no free ones here), hang up our stockings and decorate the house.....somewhat.  We bake cookies and breads to give away (and eat ourselves).  We will have a special Christmas Eve dinner, light fireworks and watch a new family movie till mid-night (as tradition).  We were thrilled to be asked by some new Paraguayan friends to spend Christmas Day with them.       

It's always fun pulling out the ornaments.

Christmas lights are the same no matter where you live!

When Julia saw herself in the Christmas ball, she began to clap and dance.

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