Sunday, December 4, 2011


…Use your hands

For these I am thankful (#11)....

Friends who are patient enough with me to “read between the lines” and help me learn Guarani.

Speaking of language.....

Yesterday I went to visit a friend of mine.  We spent a loooong time talking about goats.

How Ginny wants one to milk.  Their eyes got real wide like they had never heard of that concept.  Oh yes, I assured them that it is actually healthier for you than cow milk.

How you can then make cheese from the milk.   I told them all about how people in the Middle East do this ALL the time.  They use goats more than cows.  Their eyes got wider still.

How I've never had goat's meat, but  to try it.  Their eyes got ever wider and they looked rather discussed.

Aparently all my information on goats was wrong because they kept answering no to all my questions.  No, they don't eat everything in sight.  No, they don't like to climb on things.  

Since I was getting nowhere,  I asked them to tell me about goats.  Well,  they said. they cut the grass, work in the field and we ride them.

Ride them?
Then it dawned on me.  I had been using the word for horse the entire time! 
Once my friend realized what I had done, she could not stop laughing.  Every now and then she could catch her breath enough to interject, “Horse cheese!  Ginny milking a horse!”   

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Shilo said...

That's such a cute story! We've all been there, I think! :)