Monday, November 7, 2011


What an incredible cultural experience I had today.  Liz, Ginny and I learned how to make brooms. 

Acela and Alba took us deep into their field.  Ginny got a little ride when the weeds got tall.  

They showed us the type of weeds we needed to pick – dry ones with lots of branches.

Next, we chopped down the broom handles.  We tried our hand at whittling it with a machete, but as you can see from the picture, Alba just laughed at our attempt!

Alba attached the weeds we collected to the handles we whittled with a rag.
And viola!  A broom!

We walked for 2 hours!

And then we picked mandioca.

As the sun was setting, we went back to their house, sipped terere and hung out with their family.  What fun memories!


Ken and Christie said...

These are the kinds of days I just ADORE here!!! What fun!

Naomi said...

Sounds neat! The WOTH Retreat sounded amazing. So glad you got to go. You need that pampering and encouragement. Lauren and Alexis and I got together for the weekend. We missed ya!