Friday, November 25, 2011


For these I am thankful (#4)...

A reliable car.

This is something I probably took for granted before we had a lemon of a car our first 4 year term.  After breaking down almost every time we drove anywhere, it is so nice to have a reliable car this term.  We praise God for His provisions each time we arrive at our destination.

November 14th Jeff (with Ryan and Tyler) made an emergency trip into Acuncion.  While  at ultrasound clinic in Jataity last week, Jeff accidentally plugged his ultrasound into the 110 power outlet instead of the 220.  It popped and smoked and turned off.  Jeff was rather embarrassed having to tell all the patients to go home.  He decided to try to turn on the machine one more time.  To our surprise, it worked!  He was able to see all the patients.  We thought it was a miracle...and it was a short lasting miracle.  As Jeff was seeing patients on Monday, it started acting up.  He immediately drove to Asuncion to have it looked at in hopes of having it back before our intern arrives Sunday.

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