Saturday, November 19, 2011


I really like the idea of celebrating November with a theme of thankfulness.  So, here’s to 30 days of thanksgiving!

These are the handicrafts of Ginny (and her friend).

The rest of the posts won’t be in any order, but I could not start my month of thankfulness without starting with God.

For these I am thankful (#1)....

My heavenly Father

I am thankful for a God who lavishes.  He delights in giving before I even ask or before I even am in need.  His love for me is so rich and perfect and uncomprehend able.  Jeff, Ryan and I are reading through the Bible this year and I am reading through with the rest of the kids.  Man, it has been incredible being reminded of all his has done for us starting at the very beginning!.   What an awesome God we serve!

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