Saturday, May 19, 2012


          We were in Asuncion 9 days longer than expected waiting for a car part that was being sent to the dealership from the US.  The order was placed on Thursday and we were told it would come in the following Thursday.  They’d fix the car Friday and we could leave Saturday.  We waited a week.  Jeff called Friday afternoon to see when he could pick up the car.  But the part didn’t arrive.  And on top of that, when Jeff talked to the boss, he said that his staff knows that the parts from the US take 2 weeks (not just one).  Jeff (strongly) explained that we cannot afford to be in the city a week just waiting – it is costly for us and we waste ministry time.  The boss replied, “So you want our yes to be yes and our no to be no?”  YES! 
This is an out-of-the-box concept for Paraguayans who operate on a “manana” mentality.  Keeping relationships in right standing is so important and their idea of keeping a relationship in right standing is by telling you what (they think) you want to hear.  We run into this all the time in the big city and in our small rural town, with people we call friends and with strangers. This has been a difficult idea for us to embrace since we come from the land of time keeping, schedule making, production oriented and “the customer is always right”.  Aren’t different cultures interesting?
Even though the car wasn’t ready, we were (more than) ready to head home.  The mechanic put the car back together and we drove home.  It is drivable just not 100% reliable.  We are praying that it will make it 3 weeks until we have to head back into the city to pick up the TIME interns. We will have the new parts put on then.    

SOMETHING TO PONDER....The morning we were packing up to leave, our team mates (who had just had a baby) were also packing up to leave.  Jeff looked at their baby (4 days old) and urged them to get a bilirubin level done on the way out of town because she looked very jaundice (yellow).  As they were driving through our town 10 hours later, they received the lab results which showed her levels to be dangerously high.  Jeff urged them to get back to Asuncion ASAP and consult with a pediatrician.  Early that next morning Anna received intense phototherapy.  Praise God, her levels dropped significantly.  Baby Anna will be in the hospital and will continue to receive treatment until her levels are within normal.  

As we were settling into bed last night Jeff asked, “Do you think God had us in Asuncion a week without reason just so I could diagnose Anna’s jaundice?” 

Only God knows.....

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Christie said...

We are struggling so much with that "tell me what I want to hear" stuff, too. 1 wk of car repairs is now at more than 2 months, and we still don't have it back. And our lawyer tells us daily, "Tomorrow we'll have word about the case, I'm sure." We've heard that for a year now. And even when we say, "Please just tell me the real time frame so we can plan, even if it's going to be longer than you're telling me right now," we still get the manana answer. Hard to plan for that. ;)

But I'm so glad to hear that God had His hand in your delay and worked it out for good, in little Anna's case. YAY, GOD!