Friday, May 11, 2012


Friday, May 11, 1012

We came to Asuncion last Tuesday to say good-bye to team mates (day 1), take the kids to dental appointments, cross off items on our to-do list, and get our car worked on (day 2) and drive home (day 3). However, the car wasn’t ready on day 3 or on day 4 or on day 5.....

We’ve been“stuck” in Asuncion just waiting...

My first thought when I heard we were unexpectedly staying longer was Great, another week of ministry and homeschooling shot. However, as I was sitting on our SIM guest House’s porch sipping terere with teammates, God gently whispered to me, Don’t underestimate time spent among teammates.

Being a people person, folks from the US often ask if I get lonely living in rural Paraguay. My answer always surprises even me, “Not really”. Here’s the secret: I have awesome SIM teammates. Even though we don’t live close, our times together can be described as quality over quantity. After being together (even if it is just an afternoon), I feel encouraged and refreshed, I gain wisdom and tips on parenting, homeschooling, ministry and I feel like a better mom and wife. I figure God has a few “waiting at the guest house” days built into my schedule to help me reach my (English) words quota and to get recharge before going out again “into the trenches”.

And then there is the added blessing of seeing my children getting filled.  They LOVE playing with the missionary kids.  They are their best friends.  They understand each other when no one else will.  These kids will one day be sipping terere together in the U.S. while studying for college finals.  These kids are friends for life. 

Unfortunately Jeff has had to do some of this while we have been waiting...stitching up one of Ryan's MK friend's ankle.
 How many people does it take to watch Jeff remove an ingrown toe nail on our team mate?
And I got to hold a couple of newborn babies – 2 of my team mates had baby girls with a couple weeks of each other and were at the guest house recovering.


Ken Hagerman said...

Envious of you guys! We totally understand the car taking longer than planned. Ours has been in the shop for repair from the bus wreck for 2 months.
I'm so glad you get the chance to soak up some time with your team mates.

Christie said...

Oh, Amy, I'm so happy you had this time. I'm sure it was not only an encouragement to you and your family, but also to those who got to spend the time with YOU! You're always a ray of sunshine... But I have to admit that reading it makes me a little jealous. ;) You SIM folks do have something special.