Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ODDS and ENDS of the WEEK

4-21-12: Kids' club didn't go quite as we'd planned yesterday afternoon. We waited 45 minutes for the church property key, the teachers didn't show up, and our DVD player wouldn't work. The kids had fun playing an extra-long game of baseball. Last night we had 40-50 people over to watch Courageous projected on a wall under the beautiful night sky. There were tears, laughter and a lot of popcorn!

The rain has been a nice reminder to slow down.  Things shut down when it rains – no patients, no school (well, we do still homeschool) and stores are closed.  The roads turn into a muddy mush that makes visiting impossibility.  It’s nice to have an excuse to stay inside.  Over the past few rainy days we worked on puzzles, finished books, watched family movies, played endless games and got catch up on homeschooling.

Two days this week (when it wasn’t raining) we gave 3 PE classes physicals (about 70 jr high and high schoolers).  Ryan weighted them, I did blood pressure and pulse and then Jeff examined them.  There will be more students to come next week.

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Christie said...

Way to go Ryan! And I tend to just love rainy days for that same reason--at times we need that day to catch up on homeschool. :)