Tuesday, May 15, 2012


May 2 – Traveling mercies.  We drive to Asuncion to say good-bye to team mates who have served in Paraguay 20 years.

May 13 – Kids’ club!  Bad weather (we meet outside) and our traveling (we haven’t figured out a way for it to happen without us), kids’ club unfortunately has been rather hit or miss.  Pray that the ladies who lead it will be refreshed and recharged with a vision for leading the children.

May 16 – Joshua’s 9th birthday! We plan on going camping 2 nights with a couple of our team mates sometime in May to celebrate.

May 20 – Youth group.  One of the church’s deacons has been proactive in beginning regular youth meetings (with the encouragement of our new in-town team mates).  I just cannot help but think that Christian teens meeting together (and inviting non- believers) is a major key to winning San Francisco to the Lord.    

May 26 – Audio Bible Distribution.  We are thrilled that 1,000 Bibles in MP3 format will be distributed in our town and a few surrounding communities.  This is a project our co-corker (there’s a link on the right hand side) has been working on.  It will take a lot of planning, preparation and man power hand all these out in one day. 

May 29 – Traveling mercies again.  We will be traveling back to Asuncion to pick up the TIME interns.

Pray for the 6 students as their finances continue to come in and as they prepare for spending 5 weeks in Paraguay with us.

Intern Housing.  This month we will be securing housing for the 6 interns that will be arriving in June. 

Bible studies.  Pray for the 2 new bible studies that the believers have started up ON THEIR OWN (no missionary input!).  We praise God that the believers are seeing needs and sharing the gospel! 

Elder/Deacons meetings.  Jeff continues to meet regularly with the elders and deacons to create a church constitution.  This has been a huge task and the end is finally in sight (they may be finished by the end of this month). 

Jataity.  Bad weather has no permitted to do a mobile clinic in Jataity a while.  We pray that we will get out there this month a couple time not only to do medical work but also to visit. 

Teammates.  Two sets of team mates had babies this month.  Both little girls started out rocky, but are recovering.  Pray that they recover to full health and for their mommy’s who are recovering as well.  Pray also for a team mate who will be flying back home for an indefinitely amount of time to care for her ailing parents.  It is always sad to see team mates leave.  She has served here 10 years.

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