Tuesday, March 26, 2013


In November the kids began conspiring (it’s never good when that many kids conspire against just 2).  They wanted to go to the beach again this year.  They were even willing for the trip (to Brazil) to replace Christmas gifts.  Oh, how I have longed for my kids to see that spending time together as a family is more valuable than things.  Truth be told, they didn’t have to twist our arms very hard; Jeff and I were just as ready for a vacation as they were. 

Last year we were able to vacation with Jeff’s parents in Florianopolis, Brazil on the beach.  It was such a wonderful relaxing time that, frankly, we had to pry ourselves from the island once the week was over.  We decided to go back again to the same spot.  Unfortunately Jeff’s parents were not able to make it this year.

God blessed us with an incredible place to rent.  It was bigger and nicer than our current house (although I am not sure that’s saying much since a step down would be camping).  Three bedrooms, three baths, a spacious living room and kitchen area and a pool.  Mornings we slept in, then swam till lunch in the pool, ate lunch and headed for the beach.  We’d get back for dinner and chilling till late with games or movies.  We had so much fun and again had to pry ourselves from the island when the week was over.


Another highlight was getting to do this:

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