Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Please join us in prayer for the following ministries during the month of March:


1.        Higinio, Pedro and Alcides, three leaders from the  Forest Door Bible Church in San Francisco (Paraguay) will be travelling next Thursday through Saturday to another state called Itapua.  They have been invited by the chief of an indigenous group called the Mbya Guarani to come and teach a small group of men what they have been learning in Timothy Training- how to preach and teach God’s Word to oral learners through memorized Bible stories and verses and group discussion.  This will be their first ever cross-cultural, missionary endeavor.  They will be working together with an IMB missionary and a Mbya evangelist who are hopeful that this would open doors for the first church to eventually be planted among the Mbya Guarani in this area.  They will be teaching six stories from Adam and Eve to the Philippian Jailor.  Pray that the Mbya hear and understand God’s plan of salvation through these studies.

We had the men and their families over for dinner and a time of praying over the men before they go out.

2.       SIM and the  Forest Door Bible Church are now forming a partnership to make San Francisco the home base for future Timothy training workshops for men and women.  We are working out the details of our Memorandum of Agreement before construction begins on any structures.  Pray that we would all be good stewards and sharers of God’s resources over the next few years.  Pray that we communicate well all of our expectations so that we minimize any painful miscommunications and misunderstandings in the future.  Pray against spiritual attacks from the evil one who would seek to come between us as partners in the gospel and impede the growth of God’s Kingdom.  Pray that they would contribute generously of time and energy even when finances are scarce.  Pray for wisdom as they decide what type of structure would best meet the needs of future Timothy trainings.
Men at the Timothy Training in Januaray

the new church sign

For more information about the Timothy Training Project and its needs click on the following link:  http://simusa.org/projects/project/18


3.        Please pray for a very exciting Bible study meeting every Saturday night in our community of Jataity.  80 people showed up the first week!  In our years of experience, that kind of interest in hearing God’s Word is unheard of in this area!  Pray for an unprecedented harvest!  We are using the same evangelistic stories we teach in the Timothy Training workshops.  Pray that each man, woman, youth and child would learn each story and be convicted by the Holy Spirit of sin, righteousness and judgment and know what it means to have the assurance of salvation by faith alone in the person and work of Jesus Christ.  Pray for deep changes at their worldview level as these stories replace long held religious beliefs and nominal Christianity.


4.        Pray for the Bible study that meets at our home every Sunday night.  Pray for the adults and youth who come to be more faithful in attending as we dig deeper into God’s plan of salvation.  We have been studying with some of these people for 15 months and we have seen much fruit in their lives.  Pray specifically for Rene and Lida’s perseverance in the face of ridicule from family and friends for their decision to follow Christ.


5.       Pray for Amy’s continued health and for baby #7 as the due date is fast approaching- April  11 !

6. Monday our family passed out a dozen audio Bibles in a (new to us) barrio.  Pray for these families that will be able to hear the gospel for the first time perhaps.  And as Ginny prayed that night, pray that those families will come to our house to ask questions about how they can be saved.

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