Saturday, March 23, 2013


Ginny and Tyler were especially excited to drive the go carts – their first time behind the wheel.  However when we got to the course, Tyler’s legs weren’t long enough to reach the peddles.  In South America where rules and regulations are mere suggestions and North American safety standards don’t apply, we were able to make it work with a little Southern ingenuity.  Jeff found a block of wood and fastened it with rope to the bottom of Tyler’s shoe to make him longer.  We found three extra go cart seats and added them as booster seats in Tyler’s cart and stuffed a tire in between so he’d be closer to the wheel.  The two guys in charge just sat back and laughed at us. 

            Off everyone went round and round the track with huge smiles on their faces.  Each go cart had its own personality.  Ryan’s, for example, had no brakes.  Jeff’s cart either went at full speed or not at all.  Several times as Tyler came around the track and saw us cheering, he’d start veering our way and we had to jump out of his way.  Ginny’s helmet had a mind of its own and kept slipping over her eyes.  It was a very fun and funny experience.

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