Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Day #3 of vacation


After our rocky start to our vacation (see post), we were all so tired and slept hard in the little chalet inside the water park.  Jeff and I did wake up several times in the wee hours of the morning due to a loud rooster and we wondered why on earth anyone would keep animals at a water park (we later found two horses helping themselves to the diapers in the trash can outside our room and we had to dodge cow pies on the walk ways).  We really had no idea what we were getting into since it had been completely dark and raining the evening before and we saw nothing of the park.       

When all of us were awake, we opened our front door and bracing for the worse.....we instead saw a beautiful sight.  The sun was up and shining brightly over countless pools of varying shapes and sizes full of clear blue water.  Each pool had a different “degree of difficulty” slide that emptied into it.  The park was huge – built to accommodate hundreds of swimmers at the same time and we had to place all to ourselves.       

Now don’t be thinking of a North American water park.  All these slides were concrete, albeit made smoother by coats and coats of paint, but still a little rough on the rump.  There seemed to be no architectural forethought when designing the various slides judging by the angles and lengths and the way they spit you out at the end.  Steps leading up to the slides were made of broken bricks where earth and weeds now grew up in between.  The walkways around the pools had holes and cracks a small child could fall through.  No hand rails, no depth postings, no life guard stands in sight.  So don’t be thinking Schlitterbaum or Wet and Wild, after all, we are still in a developing part of the world.  But the water park was perfect for our kids who do not know yet that those other places exist.  It was perfect for us.


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Beautiful photos and a beautiful place.