Saturday, August 17, 2013


Julia celebrated her birthday with a Gruffalo theme (inspired by a super cute children’s book).  We ate scrambled snake, Gruffalo crumble, roasted fox, and owl ice cream (this all makes perfect sense if you’ve read the book).  I attempted a two-tiered cake staring the book’s characters.


This is the second year that Julia and Ben have celebrated their birthdays together.

Does every kid have one party where they act like this for the camera??????

The cake

the making of Owl Ice Cream

Ben's daddy reading the Gruffalo story to the kids

 The food

The party goers

 Daddy and the birthday girl
make a wish

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Abbie said...

You are incredible. To pull that off in the states would be amazing, but you are in RURAL PARAGUAY!! Who are you anyway?? :) Love it.