Monday, August 26, 2013


We were invited to a karu guasu (big feast).  Tradition says that one way the deceased earn their way out of purgatory is for family members to hold a feast inviting family and close friends.  The greater the financial sacrifice involved, the lesser the time in purgatory.  A religious leader in town attends, leading the people in specific prayers for the dead.  A karu guasu always takes place following the 9 days of prayer after a death and at the one year anniversary.  This family has given a feast annually for 25 years since the death of our friend’s grandfather.
Even though we have come to help free the Paraguayans from such bondage and misconceptions, we always feel honored to be invited to share in special family times.  It allows us glimpses into the culture, another connection between our friends and away to share Hope during a time when people are thinking about the afterlife. 

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