Monday, August 19, 2013


Ryan loves hanging with his missionary friends, but living as we do (out in the middle of nowhere – hours from the nearest MK his age), he often longs for a more active social life.  So when the MKs (missionary kids) get together it’s more quality time over quantity of time.  One of the year’s highlights for Ryan (all my kids for that matter) is our mission’s 5 day spiritual life retreat where they can have hours and hours, days and days of pure fun with their closest friends.  This happens in July.

3 days after the retreat Ryan took off to attend Paraguayan youth camp, which he loved.  The camp is run by our mission and several of our team mates attend each year to head up games, worship, devotional thoughts, and just to be of general help.  

After the retreat Ryan didn’t come home.  Instead, he stayed at his friends’ house for a few days.  Our team mates had a household of boys: their own 3 boys, plus a visiting high school student from the states, Ryan and another MK boy.  It was at the end of that week that the boys decided they needed even more guy time and planned a hiking trip.

Ryan was home but a couple of days before we sent him to hike Paraguayan’s highest peak and camp a couple nights with his buddies and two of his missionary mentors.  By the time we finally got Ryan back under our roof, he was full of stories.

While our house was absent of Ryan I really really missed him.  Our missionary, homeschooling lifestyle puts our family together 24/7.  In case you missed that – our family is always together, so to have one gone seemed strange.  However, I am so thankful that we have awesome team mates who are willing to invest in my son.  One of the blessings we have living on the mission field with such a great team mates is that I don’t have to look far to find mighty men of God as mentors to pour into Ryan’s life. 

Paraguayan Youth Camp

2013 MK Adventure

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