Saturday, June 14, 2014

T.I.M.E update #2

June 3-8

Besides grieving alongside Hermelinda’s family, the T.M.E interns have pulled mandioca, killed chickens, shucked corn, milked a goat and eaten tons of traditional foods.  They’ve visited with each other’s host family, eaten tons of oranges and drunk even more terere.

Here’s what one student wrote about their time in clinic with Jeff:
We started helping Dr. Jeff in his clinic this week, which everyone would agree has been a really cool hands-on learning experience. We are separated into two groups of three and alternate days of helping Jeff (Unless there's rain. Rain shuts everything down here.) So far, we've all taken our fair share of blood pressures, cleaned out ears, observed ultrasounds, read results of urine tests, and diagnosed cases of both diabetes and spinal stenosis. It has been cool to watch the way Dr. Jeff relates to his patients, using medicine as a platform for ministry. Every morning before seeing patients, he sits with everyone under a sheltered area and tells a Bible story. They talk about the story and pray before beginning the day. Everyone is looking forward to helping the rest of the month!

Daniel had a little lamb, little lamb, lamb 
 Time to milk the goats, Daniel
we called this bid-pocolips...a bid feeding frenzy

A face only a mother could love

you don't see this everyday
Na Ignacia and her pet monkey, Monica
and the animals INSIDE the car

 yummy sugar cane

 pullling mandioca

He also wrote about our class time:
Almost every day, we spend some time learning from Dr. Jeff and talking through different topics that are important for doing ministry in Paraguay. It has been a great experience and has initiated great conversation from everyone. So far, we have discussed important points and origins of Paraguayan culture, traditional Paraguayan religion (extremely wide spread Catholicism mixed with animism), and the missiology of medical missions. I know everyone is looking forward to learning more from both the experiences of the McKissick family and our own experiences here.

We've enjoyed the chance to get to know the community of missionaries in the same area as the McKissicks. They and their families form a very strong community of gospel minded people that are setting a great example of what it looks like to live out the Great Commission. We look forward to building strong relationships in the community of Jatity, in the community of the local church body, and in the community of missionaries.

Friday night we showed Courageous and had a good turnout and Saturday the interns went to youth group in San Francisco.  It’s exciting the see the interns bringing their host siblings along to various events.  Sunday, unfortunately it rained and church was cancelled.  We did, however, go to our team mate’s house in San Francisco for a time of worship and lunch.

Bible study

 a little road maintenance as we go
devo at our house

youth group

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