Saturday, June 21, 2014


June 11-14

This week we had a film crew with us for a couple days.  SIM International hosts an annual fundraising weekend for top givers and part of the entire presentation is a video clip about what SIM is doing in different parts of the world.  A couple weeks ago SIM asked if they could spotlight the medical ministry we’re doing in Jataity.  Because we had nothing else going on (ha, ha), we said. “Come on down!”   Tuesday through Thursday Naomi and Paul (professional videograghers) were a part of our madness…and, I will say, added a bit of madness to the madness.  They asked Jeff to come up with 3 good story leads of people who were touched by our medical ministry. Wednesday Jeff finished clinic before noon and spent till dark videoing and interviewing our friend, Aristide.  Jeff said it was pretty intense.  They asked him to look at point A and then at point B.  Then they asked him to look intense, then run his hands through his hair, then run his fingers over the bridge of his nose.  They asked him to tap his cane slowly, then slower.  They asked him to walk across the yard, to walk again and then a third time.  There’s no telling what our simple country friend thought of all the instructions.   The following day they went back to film and interview his wife and family.  They also did a couple hours of interviews with Jeff and me separately and Jeff in the clinic.  Hours and hours and hours and hours of film will be cut down to 5-7 minutes.  Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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