Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Time for T.I.M.E

Monday, May 26th we welcomed 6 interns to Paraguay.  Over the next 6 weeks they will be shadowing us as we minister, completing reading assignments and discussing them during afternoon classes, living with Paraguayan families and learning culture and language.  It’s always a busy 6 weeks for us as we purposefully pour into these college students’ lives, but we absolutely love it.
The first few days are all about orientation and introduction to Paraguay.  The first night in Asuncion we sat around eating empanadas while our director and his wife shared about SIM in general and SIM’s work in Paraguay.  Then they gave their testimonies of how God called them to the mission field.

The following day we left Asuncion.  Our first stopped was in to the impressive Catholic church in Ca’acupe and then we headed to Escobar (about an 1 ½ away) to our missionary friends’ house.  

The Bowens help us put on a great (if I do say so myself) orienatation to Paraguay and T.I.M.E.  The students had classes in Guarani and we got them pumped up about learing the heart language of the Paraguayan people.  They had a class on expectations and a class in Paraguayan history.  The students had time to hike and explore Andy’s property and they went on an “adventure tour” complete with swinging bridges, a zip line, and rapelling.
 study time
One evening we listened to Andy and Lizet’s testimony, another evening we watched The Mission (a taste of Paraguayan history) and a third evening we ate s’mores (thanks, Dalia, for bringing those U.S. goodies).  After three days, the students were ready to head out into the Great Unknown.
One aspect of the trip we really value is letting the students meet our team mates and hear their stories.  On our way home we stopped at a team mate’s house for terere, lunch and a time of sharing.  Then we pressed on to the next town and the next missionary house where we had cupcakes.  Finally we hit the muddy road which seemed really long in the dark and in the rain. 
 spending time with missionaries
Sipping terere

practicing Guarani 

We arrived in town at 6:00 and by 8 all the students were dropped off at their host home.  They were a bit nervous but I know they’ll do great.  They've been practicing their Guarani greetings, diligently reading about Paraguayan culture, and asking lots of good questions.  But more than that, I know they’ll do great because they are a great group with servant hearts and a wonderful sense of adventure.   

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