Sunday, October 12, 2014

A family vacation in MASSACHUSETTS (state #10)

September 12-16, 2014

Day #14-17

We are two plus weeks into our adventure and I cannot tell you how much I love my family.  My kids have done great sitting in the car for hours and hours on end, at meeting new people on a daily basis, getting up early and going to bed late and go go going all day long.  My kids are awesome! 

In Massachusetts we planned a couple of vacation days.  Our rental house was fantastic.  It was quaint and quiet and on a lake.  The kids loved the sand and water activities.

 Micah LOVES to fish.  Since being in the U.S. he has checked out from the library several books about fishing.  He was super excited when the rental house had all the equipment.  He caught 7 fish.

One day we toured Plymouth.
 Plymouth Rock

The Mayflower

 We ate lobster at a lobster shack because…well…that’s what you do on the coast…right?

 And we let the kids play with their food....because, after all, it is a lobster.  Talk about a great crustacean anatomy lesson (they are crustaceans, right?).

One day we toured Boston on Boston’s Freedom Trail.

 The USS Constitution
The kids and Jeff climbed to the top of this monument on Bunker Hill
 A cool cemetery where some famous patriots are buried.
Old North Church
 statue of Paul Revere with Old North Church in the background
site of the Boston Massacre

Lexington…The shot heard around the world

 One day we stopped for breakfast in Quincy, Mass, at the very first Dunkin Donuts site.

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