Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A long road to INDIANA (state #6)

September 4-6, 2014

Day #6-8

It was a long day.  We started off early from Kansas.  By mid-day we were hungry and ready to stretch our legs.  We found ourselves in St Louis, MO and decided to stop and see the Gateway Arch.

Ginny has become quite the photographer and has done a great job of documenting our adventures on this trip.

 Pretty impressive.  
Some views from the top

I was surprised that Josiah wasn't at all afraid to look waaaaaay down.

 The elevator getting up and down was pretty cool.  here we all are trying to jam ourselves into the pod.

  One the road again.  We pressed on through Illinois and into Westfield, Indiana, arriving at our friend’s house at 10PM.


We had a great couple days with John (an ACU college friend and Jeff’s roommate during his first year of medical school in Lubbock) and his family.
A beautiful day for a day at the park playing, throwing the frisbee, splashing in the water and a picnic.

 sharing about our ministry at their home group.

One evening we went into Indianapolis and had dinner with the Richardson family (plus two other couples).  Luke (the one in the neon shirt) was our recent T.I.M.E student.  What a blessing to meet his parents and brothers and their friends.
One afternoon we met Leti, our Paraguayan friend, for lunch in Veedersburg, IN (half way between her home in Champlain and where we were staying).  We missed seeing her husband who was away on business.

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