Saturday, October 4, 2014

Onto CEDARVILLE, OHIO (state #7)

September 7-10, 2014

Day #9-10

Each year Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio sends us 6 fabulous students for our T.I.M.E internship.  It was a fun pizza reunion with all the past T.I.M.E interns still in the general area.  

 The students found Guarani for us to drink!
 And the girls made pastel de guayaba.
 This is Julia with Dalia (the T.I.M.E intern) and Dalia (Julia's doll).

Here we are with students representing three different past T.I.M.E groups and two of the Cedarville faculty that help us prepare the students for the trip.

Daniel, a T.I.M.E alumni’s family lives in Cedarville so we were able to have dinner with and meet his family.
 Andy, a T.I.M.E. alumni, drove 3 hours from his med school to visit with us!  We sure love our T.I.M.E interns and love to hear how God is continuing to work in their lives.

While we were in Cedarville Ryan got to experience his first college tour.  He spent the night in the dorm 2 nights with two different T.I.M.E alumni guys.  He went to an anatomy class and an Old Testament class.  He (and Jeff) went to chapel and we all ate in the cafeteria.  He (and Jeff) had an official Cedarville informational meeting and an informal campus tour.

One evening Jeff spoke to the pre-med organization.  He did a great job.   

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