Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another night in PENNSYLVANIA and onto VIRGINIA (state #17)

September 19-23, 2014
Day #21-24

We traveled out of New Jersey and in Pennsylvania.  We stopped at Valley Forge for a great tour and picnic lunch.

 Cabins they men built and stayed for the winter.
 George Washington’s quarters during the time at Valley Forge.
 The original banister touched by Washington.

 We stayed the night with a T.I.M.E alumni’s family in PA.

 The following day we ate a delicious Oriental buffet lunch in Lancaster, PA, with a pastor and his wife who have come to Paraguay so many times over the years to minister to our team.

Then we ended the day close to Richmond, Virginia, with our former teammates.

 After lunch on Sunday we headed to Lynchburg, Virginia, to stay with Jeff’s former residency attending and his wife.

One morning Ryan had a tour of Liberty University.  It’s an absolute huge and beautiful university.

We also go to spend an entire afternoon at the lake and evening eating pizza with our current team mates and their oldest son who left Paraguay 2 years ago to attend Liberty University.  These teammates are on a short home assignment to put their second son in Liberty University.  We got to see him for a brief 10 minutes or so in between his work and study hours.   

Our hosts were friends from our Harlingen days.  Dr. J was a teacher in Jeff’s residency.  He set Jeff up with a speaking engagement at Liberty’s new medical school’s first CMDA (Christian Medical and Dental Association) meeting.

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