Tuesday, January 13, 2009


1. A teenage girl came with blood dripping from her left ear. For two days she had felt (and seen) maggots in her ear and had desperately tried to get them out. She was successful with a couple but the others were persistently holding on. Jeff tediously picked out the remaining three while the girl squirmed and moaned in pain.

2. One evening Pedro was driving home on his motorcycle and nearly fell off when a bug flew in his ear. He came to our house and began explaining the situation. Every couple of seconds his entire face would contort, his head would thrust to one side and his whole body would shake like he was being electrocuted. It would have been a rather humorous site if the poor man hadn’t been in so much pain. It is a funny sight to see a cricket appear larger than life through the otoscope. Pedro’s “enemy” had found the ear drum and was nibbling happily. After Lidocaine (for the ear), oil (to kill the bug), and tweezers, the wings, legs, and body were finally pulled out. Pedro took the bug home to show his family.

3. Another man came to the house with a bug in his ear. Jeff worked and worked and pulled out only a few bug parts. It took a long while since Jeff had to work around 25 years of wax build-up and a day’s worth of dried blood. Jeff gave up and told the man to come back the following day. When he didn’t show up Jeff said, “I am not surprised. Bugs in the ear will make a grown man cry. He had had enough.”

4. A lady came to the health clinic complaining of a red, raised, irritated sore on her bottom. Two weeks earlier while working in her garden, she felt something burrow under her skin. When Jeff looked closer he could see the tail of a plump parasite. He grabbed it with surgical instruments and the wiggly beast was
slowly extracted intact.

Jeff draining an abscess

co 2009 Amy McKissick


Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

Oh, my. I can't imagine. My mom (a nurse) once told of a girl who'd come into the office with a cockroach in her ear, which was driving her crazy. The roach was moving around, and the girl already knew what it was, as this was not the first time it had happened to her (this was in the US...) AAA! I'll be sleeping with cotton in my ear now!!!

Abbie said...

I think I'm going to be SICK!!! How does he DO this stuff??? Wow. God blesses us each with different talents. This is definitely not mine. Good job, Jeff!

J said...

i think bug pulling makes you both real missionaries...not bc i think its gross (i actually find any medical stuff quite interesting..even bugs) but because you are doing what God called you to do...even if it means pulling a bug out of ears or rears. Those people know you will help them and you in turn can show them Jesus. thanks for being HIS hands to a lost world!!!

Jenifer Davidson

Naomi said...

I have to agree with Abby! I am just glad that Jeff has that talent and not me! Wow! Those are the kinds of things I have nightmares about and think "Oh, bugs would never do that." Great, now I know they can! I am proud of the work you are doing there. I know God is using you in some powerful ways.