Tuesday, January 6, 2009


January 6, 2009
Today, along with other Paraguayans, we celebrate the wise men arriving to see baby Jesus. Last night the kids set out their shoes with a picture drawn for Jesus, straw and water. The camels, who are passing through on their way to Bethlehem, stop by, drink and eat and in return leave a little gift for the kids.

co 2009 Amy McKissick


Breuer Adventures said...

That looks like a fun tradition. When I worked at a Catholic school they did something with gifts in shoes, but it was in the beginning of December. I am not sure what the day was.
Our Paraguay team got together last night to visit and catch up. Melissa was back from college and Adam leaves Thurs. for South Africa for a year. It will be awhile before we will all see each other again. Beth showed her new pictures and told us about their trip. Everyone still has great memories of our time there.

J said...

that is really neat...at least the tradition has something to do with Jesus....instead of Santa who doesnt have a thing to do with HIM. How fun!


Andy and Lizet Bowen said...

Yeah, you're going to wake up to no shoes.