Wednesday, January 7, 2009


January 5, 2009

Jeff and I went to visit Ryan’s teacher and her family today. New Year’s Eve her house and store burned down due to either a firecracker on the thatched roof or from the stove sending sparks up their wooden kitchen wall. The wind aided in the spreading of the flames, and with only a well to draw up water, the fire spread too fast. There was nothing for them to do but to try and pull all their possessions out before the house collapsed. Neighbors joined the effort, sawing wooden planks from the house to be used in the future. It took just one hour for their entire house to crumble (it has been extremely dry here).

They are now living in the barn where their cows and sheep once slept. The salvaged planks were put up for walls. Profesora Sonia was optimistic despite losing her house and the $600 that she was planning on using end of January to build her own house. She says, “We can only be blessed in the New Year.”

The remains....

Our 16 year old neighbor, Laura and her uncle were crossing a bridge headed to another town for the holiday when a man holding a gun intended to rob them. The uncle accelerated by the robber as the robber began shooting multiple times. Laura was hit 4 times in the right leg and the uncle was hit 3 times in the back. Thankfully he was able to get them into town where a man drove them to a health outpost. From there they took an ambulance to Villarrica where they are now.

Laura, her mother and me

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Naomi said...

Wow! That is so sad. I am glad she has a positive attitude despite everything.

Sounds like you had a great and eventful Christmas. I am glad you are safe and still have your house.

Good job on the cake!

Julie said...

I am impacted with her attitude despite the great loss she suffered. I'm sure it was a unique opportunity to minister and offer support!