Friday, January 23, 2009


January 22, 2009

There aren’t a lot of options for fun in Paraguay – no aquariums, zoos, museums, libraries, theme parks, etc. Last year we were thrilled when a water park opened just outside of Asuncion. We went as part of our Christmas gift to the kids and we had a blast. We couldn’t resist going there again this year too.
We had an awesome day yesterday relaxing in the water. The younger kids loved the kiddie slides, Jeff and Ryan couldn’t get enough of the huge water slides, and we all (except Micah) enjoyed dodging waves at the wave pool. We spent all day there and of course weren’t ready to go home in the evening, but we were all a bit tired and a little sunburned.

co 2009 Amy McKissick


Julie said...

Hi! We're missionaries in Itapua and it's nice to "meet" you! I've never heard of this waterpark. Can you tell me what it's called and where it's located. We'd love to go the next time we have to travel to Asuncion.

Hope you have a fantastic new year!

Andy Bowen said...

Julie, don't know if Amy was able to answer you or not. The waterpark in question is out by the airport. In fact, seems to me the entrance is across from the entrance to the airport.

Where are you in Itapúa?