Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Last week we went to visit a sweet Christian family in Ňaumby. We only had planned to have terere with them at 10:00 but once we started fellowshiping under the big mango trees we couldn’t pull ourselves away. We ate lunch with them and stayed will 5:00.

While we were there we mentioned our little “burning part of our roof down accident”. Karai Bertez’s neighbor sells the straw we needed, so we piled 10 bushels into our car. During the 40 minute ride home we counted numerous bugs and spiders…all from the bundles of straw.

Beautiful Christian family in Naumby

Buying straw for our roof

Our car stuffed with straw...and all its bugs

co 2009 Amy McKissick

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Bill and Jill Bright said...

Speaking of bugs, Allie's class is studying them. Are there any unusual (to New Orleans :) ) bugs that you see on a regular basis that you might be able to post a pic of?