Thursday, February 23, 2012


February 5, 2012

I love watching Julia interact with her siblings.  She studies them and copies their movements.  She entertains them and tags along beside wherever they go.

She seeks them out in a crowd, she wants them when she’s hurt, and she cuddles up next to them to sleep at night.

If they all are reading, she finds a book and flips through it too.

If they are sitting on the floor playing a game, she squats next to them.

The feeling is pretty mutual.  Her brothers and sister adore her.  They are always finding her to play school (she’s always the teacher) or pet store (they dress her up as a dog or another animal).

Loves terere and will join us each time we drink

Loves her pacifier and lollipops (we live in a country where there is an abundance of candy give to babies), and just about any food put on her plate

Loves to “talk” and when she does, were all left to guess what’s been said.

Let’s talk about meal time…..she wants to use a fork and spoon because the others use on and she will not be left out.  She doesn’t like drinking out of a sippy cup because she sees her siblings drinking from a regular cup.  She isn’t a picky eater and we haven’t found anything that she won’t eat.  She is rather messy and if we don’t watch her closely, she’ll dump her bowl on her head when she’s done.

Loves water…a turned on the hose, our pool, the bath, or sitting in the dog’s water bowl

Loves dirt….licking it, eating it by the handful, making dirt angels

She especially loves when the two above mentioned elements come together to create MUD! 

Loves animals and the outdoors

Love to climb on chairs, tables, up slides and rope ladders, up metal ladders and on beds and bookshelves….

Loves giving kisses and will stop anything she’s doing to lean in to one

Loves Jelly (her baby doll), loves to get her a pillow and blanket and put her to bed

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