Friday, February 10, 2012


January 29, 2012

I felt like we put our Christmas tree up late this year, so we decided to keep it up all through January.  I wish I would have kept track of how many ornaments broke....between Julia’s curiosity, the others playing store with them, and our tile floors, there were many.  Oh, and the time Julia pulled the Christmas tree down.  Well, we finally got all the ornaments and other Christmas decorations put away, which made Micah pretty sad.  He wanted to keep it up till next year (so he said).  We have an advent stocking/calendar and each day in December he’d move a candy cane one spot over till the 24th.  He did this all through January too and each day would give us the countdown till the 25th.  When we’d tried to explain why Christmas won’t come for another year, he’d shrug his shoulders and say he already knew that.  Even though he knew it was wishful thinking, he was a little disappointed on the 25th.
Now it is time to think about Valentine’s Day and LOVE and KISSES.

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