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January 26, 2012

I am praising God for a very blessed time last night. I had 5 teen girls over to my house for a slumber party (not a common thing in this culture).  We played games, decorated journals, laughed, ate dinner, frosted cookies and watched a movie. The main reason for having these girls over was to share what the Bible says about purity. I admit, I was a little nervous as I prepared the lessons and began praying over the girls during quiet times. I desperately wanted these girls to hear my heart (God’s heart) on this subject and not my fumbling mouth!

Jeff was gracious enough to take all the kids to a teammate’s house for the night so we could have complete privacy. It was wonderful to have a few hours in my house by myself (which NEVER happens). I prayed out loud and claimed these girls’ lives for Christ as I made beds, finished supper preparations and straightened the house. 

I have asked each of the girls to pray about the things we discussed and I have asked them to seek me out if they are serious about making a commitment to purity. My prayer is that each of these girls decides that they want God’s absolute best!

In our community, teen pregnancies are considered common, marriages are few and far between, sexual relationships are encouraged by parents, and the clothing, movies and advertising posters seen on every street corner promote sex. My desire is to have these slumber parties periodically and teach as many teens as I can.

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Lisa said...

Thank you thank you thank you. Almost all my cousins are unwed and with children. The majority of them had their first child by 19yrs of age. It is heartbreaking. I know how the culture in Paraguay has turned.

For your encouragement remember this -- the bible changes culture.

Continue to plant those seeds and reflect on Is 55. His word will not return to Him empty.

Praying for you...and again...thank you.