Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It had only been 6 weeks since we were last in Asuncion, but I was really ready for a break…a break from the heat (there’s airconditioners in our room), from ministry (does that sound bad?), from cooking (we’ve had a constant flow of visitors since November) and cleaning up red dirt (it has been incredibly dry and dusty).

We had a packed car as we carried 4 extra adults with us.

We arrived Sunday in time to order pizza and watch the Super Bowl! 

 The guys crowded around the computer watching streamed U.S. Superbowl commercials

The reason we came into Asuncion is not because I needed a break or because of the Super Bowl, butbecause of Jeff. He (and 3 other team mates) were asked to speak at a conference in Bolivia. They are sharing with Bolivian pastors and SIM missionaries about oral methods of teaching the Bible, about the Timothy Training program for rural farmers, and about different learning styles.
What did we do while Jeff was away? We managed to stay pretty busy at times despite the fact that our car wasn’t running.
We got caught up on homeschooling.
I got my hair cut twice….once by a lady who refused to cut it theway I wanted and once by a hairdresser downstairs who actually listened toher client.
We went to a team mate’s going away party.
Ginny’s been taking harp lessons.
We played cards late into a couple nights with Asuncion team mates.
We went to the zoo. Pretty sure the monkeys weren't supposed to be out of their cage...but then again, what can you expect from a zoo that costs just $1 to get in. The monkey was so cute and made me want one…until I watched Planet of the Apes the following evening.


PPJ assembly line

Jeff was so encouraged by the time in Bolivia.  The men and women he spoke to were very complimentary and really began to get a vision of what their ministry could look like of they began using the method Jeff presented.  Praise God!

And Jeff and I go to out on a (late) Valentine’s and (early) birthday dinner date.  We cannot even remember the last time we did that...maybe a year ago


Naomi said...

Glad you got a break and a date. Both very important and well deserved. :) Love ya friend!

Norberto and Julie said...

YEAH!!! So so so surprised and happy to see you in Asuncion! I know what you mean about needing a break from visitors...especially after just taking a six hour road trip to drop one off at the airport.

And woohoo for date nights. You guys MUST do that more often. The Reiches told us about Bellinis and we loved it.

Christie said...

Sounds like the whole trip was fun, but YAY for date night!!!!