Saturday, February 25, 2012


We were blessed with two sets of visitors the first week of February. 
The first guest was Jocky, a short termer from Scotland who will be in Paraguay for 6 months.  His passion and profession is film.  His goal is to film various SIM ministries in hopes of doing several promotional videos.  He had only been in country a few days when he was sent (by non-air-conditioned bus) to meet us.  Although there was a bit of culture shock (the intense heat, bugs, the rather laidback lifestyle here, not being able to communicate), he was super tranquilo while with us.  Terere became his best friend and he was very complimentary of and excited about our ministries.  He will have to come back out another time to film more as he wasn’t able to capture it all in just a week (imagine that).  

Jocky was great with our kids (and the Paraguayan kids too), letting them use his camera to film a bit.  He was also a great sport when Tyler kept asking him to record various “shows” they were putting on (the Sword Fight show, the Falling Out of the Tree show, and the Sliding Down the Slide show).

I tried to lasso and I am afraid that I let the whole state of Texas down.

Thanks Jockey, Daneillel and Tracy for some of the pictures.

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Christie said...

What fun! I hope Texas doesn't disown you!!!