Friday, October 12, 2012


I have been waiting to take the “after” pictures at a time when the house was all picked up and clean.  But guess what?  The house is hardly ever all picked up and cleaned.  Therefore, I never took pictures.  However, with much prompting from the grandparents, I finally took some shots of the house (dirt, mess and all).


We didn’t do much to the front of our house, just painted.  Jeff sees patients to the left.

To the back, we put up a quincho (where our ping-pong table resides and we drink terere), windows on the house and we made a better fence.



I love the windows and the view from them!


The door on the right goes to our kitchen/living room.  The door on teh left goes to Jeff and my bedroom.

We added locking doors and screen doors.


This is the far wall as you walk into the kitchen/living room:  Jeff’s piano, upper cabinets, the bathroom door is on the right.  To right (where the picture is cut off) is the kitchen counters, sink and oven.  To the left (where the picture is cut off) is a sofa and a door leading to the kids’ room.

This is looking back toward the front door.  We made Ryan a loft room...just like in Little House on the Prairie.

This is to the right as you walk in the front door.

Looking toward the front door (on the right).

Jeff and my bedroom. 

The kids’ room.
Hope you enjoyed your tour!


Christie said...

Thanks for taking us on the tour... it looks GREAT!!! Y'all have done a lot of work. And I absolutely LOVE Ryan's loft. Ingenious. :)

Andy Bowen said...

You have a gift for seeing potential.

The Johnstone's said...

Looks beautiful, Amy.

Bill and Jill Bright said...

LOVE the colors...! :)