Saturday, October 6, 2012


Thought you’d be interested in seeing how children’s birthdays are celebrated here in Paraguay among the middle to upper class.  It is a bit different than in the US.


There are several tables set up with table clothes.  As people arrive they find a seat.  Fathers/men usually don’t come to birthday parties (Jeff was one of 2 father’s there).  Each table is then served with a soft drink and finger foods – chipita, sopita, croquetitas, empanaditas, and milenesitas.

Then the birthday kid is presented by entering the room to music.  No special announcement or words.  She just enters.

Then it is cake time.  A styrophome cake topper and a table filled with candy.

A big balloon filled with candy that is cut with a knife.  Children scramble for the contents.
Time to go home.

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