Sunday, October 21, 2012




Since being home from the hospital/Asuncion we have had 3 days in a row of missionary visits....all coming to help in my recovery (bringing food, helping clean).  We cannot say enough how much we love our SIM Paraguay team mates and value their friendship.  Several neighbors and friends from San Francisco have come by to visit.  They’ve brought fresh milk, yogurt, bread, homemade cheese and vegetables from their garden.


You know you live in a friendly culture when.....Jeff needed to change a poopy diaper while at friend’s house.  He went to the car to get the diaper and realized that there were no wipes.  He went to the store across the street to ask if they had any.  Their response, “We don’t sell those.  But we’ll change your baby for you.”

Even though Julia can say (almost) all her siblings’ individual names, she prefers to call them all Joshua.


Julia calls Ginny “Nee-naw” and Tyler is “Ty-lor”.


I don’t know why, but Julia calls all her Paraguayan friends, “Baba”.


I love the look on Julia’s face as she tries to protect the guinea pig from a very curious cat.
We continue to host Bible study at our house every Sunday. We have three consistent families that participate, plus several neighborhood children. It is a great time of singing and Bible story telling....a highlight of our week.
we're such a friendly family - here our cat Boots is giving the guinea pig a hug.

Did you know that moving is even stressful for chickens?  When we mentioned to our neighbors that our chickens were still not producing eggs they’d say, “Give them more time; chickens don’t handle change well.”   Exactly a month after the move, they all began laying eggs again.  It took them longer to get settled into their new home then it took us!
Micah’s job is to collect eggs throughout the day, a job he takes very seriously.

10-8-12.  What a good start to the week (except for the heat!).  We put a big dent in homeschooling.  I had a great visit with a neighbor today and went out of my comfort zone telling the Elijah/Mt Carmel story.  I am continually amazed that God would chose to use me in spite of and despite of my weaknesses and imperfections.  Jeff was on cloud 9 after a leaders’ meeting in San Francisco.  God is doing some amazing faith building things and the men are stepping up to the challenge!

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