Monday, February 4, 2013




I always feel like it is a milestone reaching 30 weeks.


Jeff and I continue to do weekly ultrasounds on the baby (it’s so handy to have a doctor as a hubby) and he is growing just fine.


He moves a lot which I love feeling.  The kids enjoy feeling him move too.


After reading through the top 10,000 baby names for 2011, we’re still no closer to finding a name for this little guy.  Now what?  I was consoled a bit to read that in 2011 76 named their baby “Unknown”.  That just might be us.   Micah daily entertains me with his name suggestions.  His most recently contributions have been: Sausage, Coconut, Pemberly (our friend’s dog’s name), Jennifer (but call him John because it is a boy, Micah said), Fire Flop.


Micah says, “Do you know that the baby is my favorite guy?”


I have been feeling really sluggish and a blood test confirmed that I was way anemic, so hopefully with some iron pills I can get that level up and gain some energy.  Of course the 100 degree temperatures don’t help any. 


Other than weariness, I am feeling great.


I’ve been walking/running daily.  I have always enjoyed exercising but had not done anything since we moved to our new town.  The New Year was as good as any time to start up again.  Having taken several months off and being big pregnant, I feel that I am progressing slowly, but that’s ok.   I keep reminding myself that being in shape will help when in labor. 


We’re still praying that we’ll be able to have a “home” birth in Asuncion at the SIM guest house.  That is where Julia was born and it was great.  The problem came after her birth when we tried to get her birth verified by officials in order to get her paperwork started (birth certificate and other important documents).  It was a HUGE headache and we’d rather not go through all that again.  We have a doctor friend in Asuncion looking into options but so far all leads have turned up dry. 

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Abbie said...

Wask you look great! Glad you don't have to run in tall grass!