Saturday, February 16, 2013


I heard that recently Miss Venezuela totally biffed in the interview section of the Miss Universe pageant and received a 0 out of 10 points.  Ouch!  One commentator guessed the reason may be because she chose to answer in English and not in her first language, Spanish. 


That really resonates with me!  I know rural Paraguay isn’t a world stage, but I have had plenty of conversations with people who look at me with a blank stare after I am done.  And I think to myself if only I could just answer in English.  I’m not as dumb as my simplified, mixed up words and not properly conjugated verbs suggests.  Can I get a do over? 


The Paraguayans are a lot more forgiving than the Miss Universe judges and they do give me do overs – plenty of them! I am so thankful because studying, learning, speaking, and expressing myself in another language is tough.   

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Christie said...

All too true. I think that same thing all the time--This joke would be funny if I could just tell it to you right! You wouldn't think I was so boba if I could speak English!

By the way, how did the Timothy training go with the ladies? Inquiring minds want to know!