Saturday, February 16, 2013


It has been a year - since before we moved to Jataity - that the Bible study was first started. It has been fun to watch this group grow especially over the last few months, most recently welcoming three teen-aged boys. If everyone shows up, we have a good crowd of 14.


At the beginning of the year, Jeff and I were impressed upon to pray about starting a new Bible study in a different neighborhood. We didn't have anyone or any place on our hearts, so we kept praying for divine appointments as we interacted with people.


Then God brought someone to us. Her name is Silvia and she is the house help for our neighbor. She and our neighbor have been faithfully coming to the Bible study at our house. Silvia is always very quiet and never repeats the stories or scriptures.  We've often wondered how much she absorbs. Well, apparently she is absorbing them all and retelling them to her neighborhood because according to her many families are interested in hearing about the word of God. 


At her suggestion we went to visit a family that mentioned they’d love a Bible study at their home.  They were a sweet family, seemed very open to hearing God’s word and to inviting their neighbors.  


Tonight is the first study.

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Christie said...

That's great news!!!! So cool to think that God's up there wanting to get the Word out, you're down here asking Him to open a door, and BAM! Sparks fly!!! ;)