Sunday, February 10, 2013


Patient #1

“Doctor, I need my blood checked!”

“Why?” I asked.

“Something is wrong.  Whenever I take a cold shower, well... I shake all over.”

“Me too!” I said.  “That’s why I take hot showers!”


Patient #2


One particular day while trying to see a myriad of patents, Jeff was constantly disturbed by a 4 year old banging on the metal clinic doors, trying to look in the clinic widows, and yelling outside.  When it was finally his turn to be seen, his mother said, “Can you give my son a pill; I think he has angry worms.”  Jeff replied, “Your son doesn’t need a pill; he needs a spanking.”  Jeff actually hears quite often from patients that they think their child or they themself have “angry worms”.

Jeff sees patients from 8-12 Monday through Friday in our mobile medical clinic parked right next to our house.  Since Jeff only sees the first 15 people, patients begin to gather at 5:30 in order to get a number.  Last week a man arrived at 4:30!  On most days Jeff ends up turning several people away because there are just too many who need medical attention.  Pray for Jeff as he attends not only the physical needs of his patients but also their spiritual needs.  Each morning before he begins clinic he tells a Bible story and then engages people in a discussion over it.   

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