Saturday, February 2, 2013


“The goat is all up in my grill.” Jeff

Even though Jeff finds Cuzco the goat the most annoying pet ever, the kids love her. I am constantly amazed at the goat’s devotion for Ginny. She cries for her when she first hears her voice in the morning, follows her around the yard (and sometimes inside...a habit we’re trying to break), tries to sit on her lap, and even eats her homework. Ginny regularly relaxes in the hammock with Cuzco or engages in wrestling matches with her.

Julia loves all animals just like her sister and is always trying to hug and kiss them....with the bigger animals it is ok (they can fend for themselves), but we still have to watch her around the littler animals (like the hamster).

Neighbors - Ginny, Joshua and Tyler went our neighbor’s house, an older lady who runs a store from the front room.  It doesn’t matter how many items are on the list or who goes, it always takes a long time, but this time they were gone longer than usual.  When they got back Ginny gave me the low down:  “She didn’t have any carrots and we thought she said her husband was getting us some from the garden.  She told us to sit down.  She gave us juice that made us all have gas.  She slept for a few seconds in her chair.  When she woke up, she began taking and we had no idea what she was saying.  Joshua snuck out to see what her husband was doing.  He was planting his garden, not pulling up carrots.  So the next time she fell asleep (while in mid-sentence) we snuck out and came home.”


Joshua the chef - Yesterday Joshua made Gummy Bears and today he made licorice.  That kid cracks me up.


Mango season - We have been given so many mangos by grateful patients.  Thankfully we all love them and none of us have an allergic reaction to them.  We’ve had mango smoothies for breakfast, sliced mangos on the side of most meals and mango cream pies.  One patient gave us this box full of mangos, a couple days later she gave us a bigger box full of mangos and a few days after that she brought us a HUGE box FULL of mangos.  Jeff and I figure there were probably 100 mangos in that box!

Great science opportunity - I just wish it wasn’t so close to our house! Pictured: a snake eating a frog just outside my bedroom wall.

Not pictured: the frog found in the bathroom, the scorpion on the washing machine, the ginormous spider in Ryan’s loft, the cricket that crawled on my face the other night.
The 3 inch long bug with 3 inch long pinches that Ryan almost sat on.

We are given a lot by our neighbors and grateful patients.  I am always so thankful and humbled that THEY would give to ME.  During a 2 week period I wrote down all the things given to us and here’s what I came up with:

1-13: PY cheese block

Grass mowed by neighbor

Big box of mangos


1-19: sack of sweet potatoes

2 liters of milk


1-20: sack of limes


Huge box of mangos

2 liter coke


1-21: Sack of mandioca

Sack of beans


1-22: 12 bananas


1-27: 3 liter coke

PY cheese block

Chicken and rice


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