Tuesday, December 31, 2013



December 17-19th our team had its annual team training.  We love our mission family and so enjoying hanging out with them. 

This year our training was extra special because our missionary friends from Bolivia came as the speakers.  In 2003 our family (back when we just had three kids) spent a month in Bolivia with the Hawthorn family.  They drove us all over their big country, introduced us to their fellow missionaries, allowed Jeff to work in the clinic (Steve’s a family practice doctor), talked with us extensively about mission organizations, raising finances, working and raising a family overseas.    

It was wonderful to be able to host them in Paraguay.  After our team workshop we took the Mary and Steve to our house for a few days.  The first day they were with us, I stabbed my palm with a knife while trying to clean out a groove my refrigerator.  It immediately showed signs of infection; my index finger became hot, red, swollen and very painful.   I became unable to straighten it or really move it at all.  Jeff immediately started me on powerful antibiotics (ouch....those shots hurt!) and although they kept the infection at bay, my finger/hand wasn’t getting any better. 

We drove our guests into Asuncion Saturday and Sunday morning saw them off at the airport.  Sunday afternoon Jeff drove me to the ER.  I was seen at 3:00 and by 3:15, I was undergoing surgery.  The surgeon (with Jeff assisting) opened my hand, cleaned out the infected tendon sheath and sewed me back up (about 10 stitches)....all on the ER gurney.  An hour after arriving and $150 later, I was walking out to the car.  There’s nothing like surgery a few days before Christmas.  Jeff asked on the way home if a correct diagnosis counted as a Christmas gift.


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Abbie said...

Oh Wask! I'm sorry! OUCH!!! You are so tough. I'll be praying for quick healing! (And cleaning your fridge with a knife! Man you put me to shame!!)