Saturday, December 7, 2013


It was a fun surprise birthday party for our team mate in spite of the fact that as soon as the last of the 30 guest arrived the clouds let loose a torrent of rain forcing us to relocate to the 10% of the porch that wasn’t actively getting drenched with water (our porch is our living room and dining room since we don’t have either inside our house).  We had to put the dogs in the shed because they were taking up precious patio floor space. 

I am so thankful we were all missionaries; accustomed to glitches.  No one complained.  Everyone just went with the flow (pun intended).  It had been one of the hottest days of the year so far – upper 90’s – and, although we were crowded, we were thankful for the reprieve in the heat. 

The electricity and the water cut out and those preparing food had a tough time.  In my poorly built Paraguayan house, when it rains outside it rains inside too.  Not only were we trying to chop and sauté in the dark, every few minutes we’d have to move the food where water dripping from the roof wouldn’t affect it.  I think we ran out of space.

The kids playing in the bedroom were evacuated as rain poured under the windows and spread across the floor.  I think we went through all our towels trying to soak up the mess before it ruined anything. 

It wasn’t an ideal party, but it will be one to remember for sure.     



These pictures were not taken at the party, but a couple days later when it rained again.  When Julia hears rain, she run to the drawer, pulls out the bowls and places them under the drips. 


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