Sunday, December 29, 2013


We took one of Ginny’s friends with us to T.G.I. Friday’s for lunch.  She and her best friend shared shrimp and sesame chicken wings.  We all loved the T.G.I. Friday’s atmosphere and the food was great.  Next we went out or ice cream where Ginny opened her gifts.  Among her gifts was Reddy Whip which we immediately added to our ice cream.  While Joshua and I were out the day before we found Reddy Whip for the first time in country.  Reddy Whip is one of the things Ginny says she misses the most from the U.S.  After ice cream we all went shopping at a store Ginny loves.  At the day’s end Ginny said she had had the best day. 


Christian Simple said...

Happy B-day, I just drop by and I say your cute picture and I love it.

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Abbie said...

Sweet fun girl day! You're such a good mom! Love you!

Mandy Indonesia said...

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