Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Getting up at 5, leaving the house by 6 and starting the workshop at 7 was tough, but so worth it!  Saturday 32 women from 8 different towns gathered for an all-day Timothy Training.  If you followed our newsletters and prayer requests, you know that this training happens every few months for men.  This time in was the Paraguayan women’s turn to learn and memorize 6 Bible stories.  After hearing a story through twice with the pictures as a big group, we’d break into smaller groups of 3 and work on memorizing it together.  Then two groups would present the story (by memory) back to the entire group.  The idea is to 1) hide God’s a word in our hearts and 2) to equip ourselves to orally be able to tell neighbors about Christ using stories from the Bible.

Alba, a believer from San Francisco, did a fabulous job of organizing the event and facilitating the day.  The men of the church served by sweeping and cleaning before the women arrived, setting up a table with breakfast and juice and then cooking and serving a tasty lunch.

By 5:00 we had 6 stories of Gideon crammed in our heads.  Please be praying for these ladies as they go back home and share the Good News.

Ladies practicing their stories before presenting them to the group


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