Monday, June 6, 2016


We try to stay out of the capital city and in the country as long as possible, but as it turns out, we end up making the five plus hour drive to Asuncion about every 4 to six weeks.  There are dentist appointments (remember those monthly tightening of braces), car problems to solve (Lord knows we’ve had tons of car problems), team mates/interns to welcome or to say good-bye to, or we need to come in for team meetings.  Relocating our big family even for a couple days is a big ordeal and being away makes it hard to maintain consistency in ministry.
In May, we made a record three trips to Asuncion.  Ryan took three AP tests which required two trips into Asuncion.  Boy, am I glad that I can check that milestone off!  And now we are back in the city for dental appointments and car maintenance and, most excitingly, to pick up 6 interns who will be with us for 6 weeks.
It’s good to have traditions, even on the road.  We like to stop and get chipa!

Since our dog, Maya, has been too young to leave at home, she has come up to the city with us
Ordering Chinese food on one of our trips into Asuncion.

 Look what we got to bring out!  Our van!
Paraguayan road blocks

To celebrate Joshua’s birthday and Ryan finishing his AP tests, I took my boys out to dinner.  

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