Saturday, June 11, 2016


May 30 – June 6

The students now have all survived a full week with the host families.  Actually, they’ve down more than survive, they have thrived.  Some had a rougher first 36 hours than others adjusting to the language barrier (google translate, anyone?), food options (or rather lack of knowing exactly what you are eating), cold nights (it is, after all, winter here in the southern hemisphere) and freezing showers (not pleasant under any circumstances) but all have been such troopers.  By day #2 they all had smiles and were filled with stories.   
Julia and her youngest host brother

 Class time on our porch

practicing on one another

The group that isn’t in clinic with Jeff goes out visiting with me.  This week we visited one of my friends, Na Ignacia who practically has a petting zoo. 
Feeding time!

 Can you guess who’s screaming louder?

Piglets – definitely high on the cute scale.
 Fresh peanuts, anyone?

Love, love, love these pictures on Josiah and the monkey, Monica.

 Saturday night games at our house.

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