Wednesday, June 1, 2016


 Julia’s first major haircut.  Ginny cut about 6 inches off the bottom.  It looks super cute, healthy and she doesn’t cry anymore when I brush her hair.

That's us!  Crossing the river to get to the river.

A day at the river with our South African team mates who lives fairly close to this beautiful place.
Here I am with my three Paraguayans.
May 15th is always Mother’s Day in Paraguay.  It’s a big holiday here – extra busses ferry people to family in the countryside, parades are thrown, businesses are closed, and when it falls on a week day school is cancelled.  What we did not expect was for church to be cancelled. 

But what WASN’T cancelled was Ryan’s soccer game.
Cultural lesson: Mother’s Day trumps church but soccer trumps all.

Joshua turned 13 on May 16th.  Wow.  I can't believe I have three teenagers now!

Claire is such a cutie. 
Rainy day = game day

May 23rd Jeff and I celebrated 18 years together!  The kids cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for us.  Best gift ever!
And we announced that baby #9 will be arriving mid-December!

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