Thursday, June 23, 2016


June 14- 23

The interns have had some interesting medical cases, great class times and fun visits in the community.  They are improving on their Spanish skills, having meaningful conversations with host families, and are getting use to cold showers (kind of).

 Cooking demonstration -  making and eating chipa with our landlord, Maxi
Main street
 Reina with her host sister, Lumi
 Horse rides at Na Estelvina’s house
 Another cooking demonstration with Reina’s host mom, Estelvina - Milenesa

Enjoying chipa

June 18-21 we ate lunch in Yuty (1 ½ hours away) with team mates.  Christie shared with the girls about animism in Paraguay.  That afternoon we headed to hotel Tirol near Encarnacion in the south.  We toured two different Jesuit ruins, ate tons of food, laughed through several games and had a great mid-trip debriefing time.

 And we did it – we said good-bye to Ryan with minimal tears.  From the hotel, Jeff drove Ryan to Asuncion (5 hours) and came back solo the following day.  As of writing this (June 23) Ryan has been in Canada for two days hanging out with some of his best friends.  Oh how I love technology of today!  He’s been able to text me sporadically throughout each day.

We also said good-bye to Sarah who was at our house three weeks.  She will spend two weeks in Asuncion with another missionary family she knows.

Drinking mate with Mariza

Pulling mandioca

 Visiting Aristide and his family

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